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Hey there, I'm Zerk.

I'll be using this site as a landing page for the various little projects that i tinker around with.

These projects exist in various states of completion, but i hope you enjoy looking at them anyway.

Music Projects

I've been creating music in some form since I was 8 years old, and continue to record and produce music and release it on the internet. Here you will find various songs and bits of music I've decided to dump here.

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PICO-8 Projects

My latest obsession. PICO-8 is a game engine / virtual machine that emulates the limitations that would've been found in the gaming computers & systems from the late 80s / early 90s. Here you will find alpha / beta builds of the games i have been working on.

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Pygame Projects

I worked with Pygame for a while, and learned a lot! Pygame really showed me that scripting languages have the power to do wonderful things, despite being interpreted languages. Here you will find some games i worked on. I will probably revisit Pygame someday soon!

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